Alumni Classes

Positive Pawz Training offers a variety of alumni classes for those looking for more advanced training or are just looking to continue having fun with your dog.

Around the Town
Developed for our dogs to practice real-life situations and designed to teach reliable behaviors wherever you go.  All dogs must have taken Level 1 and/or 2 classes or have have some previous Loose Leash Walking Experience. 
For More Information on our Around the Town classes click here

Dog and handler teams navigate a course with signs indicating different exercises to perform.  Competing in this fun dog sport helps balance, focus, and control for all dogs and owners.

K9 Nosework
Teach your dog to use their nose to find the prize!  A great way for your dogs to get out and get mental stimulation too.  The art and practice of nose work has made basic search dog skills available to companion dogs, creating a new urban sport arena for dog enthusiasts)  For more information check out the NACSW

K9 Fun & Games
Use previously learned behaviors in a fun, competitive enviroment driven by games. Engage in a game of musical chairs, red-light/green-light, or tic-tac-toe, just to name a few earn bitcoin.