Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Our classes are located directly behind The Paw Palace of Fenton 400 S. Fenway Dr., Fenton, MI 48430. 

Do you offer classes for all ages of dogs?
Yes.  We offer classes for any age, size, or breed of dog from beginner to advanced.  Please see Training/Classes link.

Which vaccinations are required?
For all dog undergoing classes of any kind with Positive Pawz Training, vaccines are required and a copy of those vaccines needs to be brought with you to the first night of classes or sent via email. 
For our adult dog classes, dogs must have their full series of their Distemper/Parvo and their Rabies vaccine are required.  We also strongly recommend Bordetella and Leptospirosis vaccine.  For our puppy classes, puppies must have a minimum of their first two Distemper/Parvo boosters.  We strongly recommend Bordetella.  Once they are old enough to receive their Rabies vaccine, we request that you also bring a copy of the record.
Please take your veterinarians advice into consideration because different veterinarians will suggest different guidelines for your puppy.

I can’t make it to class.  What should I do?

If you can’t make it to class for any reason please contact me via email: or via phone: (810) 965-6888.  If needed I do offer private sessions if a make up session or additional work is needed in a certain area.

I trained my last dog using different training methods.  Why change?
Because you CAN!  Traditional methods use collar corrections, force, and harm.  Why would you cause pain to a dog to get him to listen, when there is a perfectly effective method getting the same results without it?  Force-based methods can also have hidden consequences like encouraging aggression and fear.  Positive Pawz Training using positive methods that are fun and build a stronger relationship with your dog.  They really do work!!!

I have questions about your advanced classes.  Do you offer those types of classes? 
Please see our Level 2, Canine Good CItizen, and Alumni class description.

Can more than one person come to class?
Absolutely!!!  Training should be fun for the whole family.  Your dog will learn much faster if the whole family is participating and it helps build a strong relationship with everyone!

What should I bring with me to class?
Proof of vaccinations.  See vaccines required above.
See Supply List listed under Forms.

Do you offer private dog training?

Yes we do!  Please click here for a description.

What is a positive dog trainer?  Are you one?
A positive dog trainer is someone whom DOES NOT use force, shouting, harm, pain, or other “negative” forms of coercion to train dogs.  They are dog-friendly.  And yes we are a positive dog trainer!  We will never ask you to harm the relationship you have with your dog in the name of training.  Besides, training should be fun!  We are also members of the Pet Professional Guild, which is the International Association for Force Free Pet Professionals and also members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

I have more questions.  How can I contact a dog trainer?
We would love to hear from you!  Please contact us by telephone at (810) 965-6888, by email at, or use our Contact us form.