Pawz Essentials Level 2

This course is for the dogs that have completed Level 1 or have presented a demonstration of skills. Build advanced criteria on the basic cues learned in Level 1 and also to learn new skills. New curriculum of: stay, stand, heel, going to mat, and shaping tricks. The course is structured around using these skills in a game type setting. 6 week session, vaccines required.

Supply List
-Flat Buckle or Quick Snap Collar and/or well fitted body harness
-If your dog is a real puller I recommend an easy-walk or freedom harness
DO NOT ALLOW: Slip Lead, Prong or Pinch Collar, Choke Chain, Check Chain,
Electronic Collar
-TREATS: 5 Different Types, Refer to Treat Test, and Remember you are in competition
with your environment
-6 foot leash (nylon, cotton, or leather is best). NO RETRACTABLE LEASHES.
-Water Bowl
-2 Project Toys because it reinforces “taking a break”, gives them something to do, and
helps relieve anxiety
-Examples: stuffed Kong toy (peanut butter works great and is easy but there are
lots of other ideas), bully sticks, pig ears, cow hooves
-More examples for use at home: Buster Cubes, Bob-a-Lot, Any other Toy you
can stuff kibble in
Optional Supplies
-10 to 20 foot lead
-treat bag/old fanny pack