"I recently met with Kellie Smith at PositivePawz for a consult with our 5 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Barley is a high energy dog that has been having issues fitting into the pack hierarchy with our 3 older Corgis since he came to live with us. Aggressive barking and acting out with our oldest dog have been a problem.  Kellie was very helpful in teaching me methods of carrying out our daily routines in a way that recognizes and supports the pack order in our home.  She also pointed out that Barley would benefit from more physical and mental activities and mentioned starting some "nose work" with him.  Barley started out his beginner "searches" with small pieces of treats hidden in boxes and objects around the training area. He loved the "searches" and went home tired and happy. Next Kellie started him on the birch oil scent paired with treats. Again he loved the activity and caught on very quickly ! We recently attended a nose work practice session at Positive Pawz and worked on interior, exterior searches and vehicle searches. Barley learned to wait his turn to "search" and loved watching all the other dogs and activities going on.  I have noticed a big difference in Barley's attitude and acceptance of the pack order in the past month. He is also more "in tune" with me as he looks for guidance and encouragement during work sessions and daily routines.  Nose work is a lot of fun for dogs and their humans ! We are looking forward to competing as soon as Kellie thinks we are ready !

Thanks for getting us on the right track Kellie. You are the best !"

         ~Renee and Barley Blake 

"Positive Pawz is the third but, by far the best dog training company I've worked with.  From the first night when I heard "...we want to let them be dogs" (which I loved) thru patience and flexibility with schedules and doggy difficulties that required private session- I've felt valued as a customer and a strong commitment from Kellie.  Buster, Lola, and I are very grateful."

           ~Nancy Cheladyn

"Kellie is a fantastic trainer.  She has been working with me and my goldendoodle puppy (Copper) for the past 2 months or so.  Copper is now 7 months old and he passed his canine good citizen test just 3 days before he turned 7 months.  Kellie's positive attitude and sincere love for dogs comes through in every session.  Her ability to make Copper, as well as myself, feel comfortable is awesome.  Copper is full of energy and loves people and her patience as he learned to find his patience, especially when it came to "sit for greeting" was/is fantastic.  We look forward to our future sessions with Kellie."


"My pup Daisy has completed Level One & Level Two with Positive Pawz.  It has been a fantastic experience for both Daisy and I.  Kellie was attentive, and so very helpful working with both of us.  Through working with Kellie, we found that Daisy's best work was when she got to play after doing something correctly!  We have not only enjoyed our Monday nights with Positive Pawz but I would highly recommend them to anyone needing some extra support with their beloved pet!"

                ~Brittany and Daisy

"We have done family puppy class, private sessions and level 2 puppy training at Positive Pawz. Training with Kellie has been a great experience for our family and our puppy. We have learned a lot about dog training. The kids learned things that they can do to help train which has helped me tremendously! Our puppy has come a long way and continues to improve. Kellie is always patient and accommodating and she always answers all of our questions which has been especially helpful with problem behaviors. I would definitely recommend Positive Pawz."

               ~Jamie and Maddie

"Kellie came to our house to help us with our rescue dog Tucker a couple months ago. At the time, we were planning on a road trip to visit family in Colorado with our less than 1 year old puppy. We were concerned about Tucker' s behavior because he was showing some timidness and mild fear aggression with both people and other dogs. Thanks to the excellent advice we received, I am happy to report that we had a very successful vacation. Tucker was relaxed and happy as he rode in the car. He made us proud when we stopped at rest areas and greeted humans and other dogs happily and confidently. We spent the night at hotels twice, and he was comfortable and relatively calm. He enjoyed the company of his dog "cousins" and went on several long walks to enjoy the mountains.
Thank you so much Kelly! Because of you it was a wonderful trip for all of us."

                   ~Merrill and Tucker