Top 5 Puppy Raising Tips

Well Here it Is:  The 5 best puppy training tips that I have to offer.

1.  Your leash is your friend.  It gives you a chance to supervise your puppy and to help them make good choices.
2.  Purchase and use your crate.  It is a place for safety, house training, quiet, and a great management tool.
3.  Your puppy doesn't need to eat his food out of a bowl.  Use meal times as an opportunity to train your puppy or to let eat their meals out of a puzzle toy to ease boredom.
4.  Invest in a KONG toy.  Kong's are great ways to eaase boredom, stop chewing, and to keep your puppy busy and out of trouble.
5.  Socialize.  Keep in mind that these should all be POSITIVE experiences with new things.