Which one is "Hundley"?

Positive Pawz is excited to announce and welcome Future Leader Dog puppy number 7 into our family starting on Fenruary 4th.  We will be raising him for a year and so he can grow up to be a Guide Dog.  He will start with learning a basic obedience foundation and socialization.  We have decided to name him "Hundley" after the dog on Curious George, since my kids love everything Curious George!  In case you didn't know we have 2 year old twin boys.  Today we purchased some new age appropriate Kong and Nylabone toys, in order to be prepared for his arrival.  We are not looking forward to Marty's return but, are excited what his future will bring (more on that later).  "Hundley" is pictured here with his litter mates.  He is still with his host family that he was born with.  His parents names are "Edie" and "Wally" and they are part of Leader Dogs for the Blinds breeding program.  Wonder which one he will be?