Marty's next step


      As of yesterday, our house is a little quieter as Marty returned to Leader Dogs for the Blind for his formal training.  Marty was with our family for a year to begin his initial stages at becoming a guide dog.  We helped build his foundation training and basic obedience skills as a puppy.  We helped him grow into the dog that he was destined to become.  We learned to love his personality while he was temporarily part of our family and guided him as he faced his obstacles.  We built a relationship and bond built on trust.  And we grew stronger because of that bond and the training obstacles we faced. This may be the sixth time we have gone through this process, but it truely never gets any easier and we can really never prepare ourselves any better for the emotions that we physically and mentally go through during the return process.  Many people mention to us that they could never do it, give a puppy that they raised up.  So how do we do it you ask?  Well it's not the "how" but the "why"...
     We aid in providing someone with not only their eyes, but with their independance and freedom.  The client learns to do things with their dog that they didn't know they could do or physically just couldn't do without their guide dog.  And this dog will be loved more unconditionally than one could have ever been thought possible.  By raising Marty or any future leader dog puppy for that matter, we are aiding in creating a unit between two that is impossible to break.  Yes our family does love Marty but, I know that he is forever in good hands.